Micro Marts

What are Micro Marts?

Introducing micro marts: the natural evolution of vending machines. They bring you an array of items that were previously limited by vending machine size constraints. Picture them as compact storefronts, conveniently situated anywhere, and equipped with cashless payment systems to eliminate the need for on-site staffing.

Through collaboration with our clients, we can tailor our inventory to ensure your residents or staff always have access to a delightful assortment of snacks and satisfying meals, all without the hassle of traditional grocery store visits. Operating around the clock, these micro marts cater to night owls, providing a perpetual solution to their needs. Our residential clientele can also enjoy the convenience of household essentials like paper towels and cleaning products. Say goodbye to concerns about store operating hours!

We're enthusiastic about the opportunity to connect with you and establish your very own micro mart. Feel free to reach out via email to initiate the process of determining your unique requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!